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About the Book
This book is an invaluable step-by-step guide for every African-American who wants to break the chains of socio-economic dependency. It is purposely written for those who want to cease from being in a constant mode of survival and wish to become self-sufficient, independent, and prosperous. Additionally, it describes my philosophy on business warfare and teaches business fundamentals; ancient and modern philosophies; and, business strategies and tactics for economic and business success. Furthermore, it acknowledges some of the greatest thinkers and warriors of all time, referencing some of their greatest works, including:
Sun Tzu's "Art of War
Miyamoto Musashi's "The Book of Five Rings
U.S. Marine Corps "Warfighting: "The U.S. Marine Corps Book of Strategy
Niccolo Machiavelli's "The Prince and "Art of War
Carl von Clausewitz "On War
Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich
Harro von Senger’s "The Thirty Six Strategems’
and many more...

In this book, you will learn how to exercise your wisdom to prepare for and succeed in battle. You will be fitted with a suit of armor and taught to master the armaments of business-the greatest being knowledge-and you will learn to use them to your advantage.
Battle's were won during Jim Crow segregation, battles were won during the civil rights movement, and a fierce battle was won electing the nation’s first African American president, but Black America still has some unfinished business.

Business is War is not just a philosophy or ideology, but a long overdue movement with clear objectives and proactive strategies to achieve those goals. Confucius said "To send a people to war without training them, is abandoning them. Therefore, the knowledge you will gain in this book is designed to prepare you for battle.
      What's included:
  • How to Recognize and Use Your Competitive Advantages
  • An Introduction to Military Strategies and Tactics and How to implement them into Your Business Philosophy
  • How to Wage War and Win Fierce Distribution Battle's with Major Distributors & Corporations Such as: Sony, Time Warner, Bertelsmann, Disney, Viacom, BMG, Universal, EMI, Barnes & Noble and Borders
  • How to Take the Battle into Cyber Space by making the most of E-Commerce, Viral Marketing and Social Networking Opportunities, such as Google, Yahoo, E-Bay, MySpace, YouTube, Second Life, Twitter and Face Book
  • How to Build Strategic Alliances
  • How Financial Institutions In the West Think and Operate. -Plus sources -- For Getting Financing to Start or Expand Your Business Enterprise
  • The Power of Land, the Importance Of Community, and How to Build It Into Economic Power
  • How to Create Business Clusters, Build Powerful Networks and Empower Others
  • How to turn the African Diaspora into a Global Network of Business Opportunities
      And Much, Much more...
Entreprenurial War College
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