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Welcome to Chef Roda's
saladChef Frank Roda has been a gourmet chef for over 25 years. From early on, it was apparent that he had been born with the gift to prepare food combinations that delight and tantalize the senses.

In 1991, Chef Roda created his signature “classic” balsamic fusion. From its first inception, his signature dressing was a great success. Throughout the years, Chef Roda’s patrons encouraged him to bottle his dressing so that he could share it with the world.

Chef Roda was the chef at the Food Exchange Restaurant located across the street from the World Trade Center and was at work at the time of the September 11th attacks. He was fortunate to escape with his life. Shortly thereafter, after realizing how fleeting life could be, he vowed to bottle his salad dressings for the world to enjoy.

After much time and patience, and with the support of his loving wife, Ann, the chef was able to perfect his recipes to be produced on a grand scale—all the while, working hard to provide for his family.

Chef Roda demands perfection in everything he creates. He has refused to compromise the quality of his balsamic fusions for cheaper, less costly options.

We truly hope you enjoy these unique and amazing new balsamic fusion dressings, which also make fabulous marinades.
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