Who We Are
Win / Win Profit Solutions L.L.C. is part of one of the nation’s largest Telecom/Communications Master Agencies in the U.S. As independent communications brokers we represent 60 + Carriers across the U.S. and internationally. Our extensive portfolio includes the full range of telecom products and services from Local and Long Distance, Internet DIA and HSIP, IP VPN MPLS, Bandwidth from T1, DS3, OC, GigE, and VoIP connectivity, Collocation and Telecom Expense Management. With our solid industry relationships and expertise we offer a one-stop source for unbiased advice, plus the best prices on services from major providers for these industry segments; enterprises, single and multi locations offices, contact centers, message broadcasters, niche carriers, ISP’s Ilecs and Clecs.

Why You Need Us
We act as your advocate, direct representatives of carriers can only sell products from their company, their recommendations are naturally biased to their benefit not yours. They will tell you their carrier is the best for you, and typically will price out the services at book rates.
We on the other hand, start by understanding your business, your issues and opportunities, listening to your requirements. With your requirements in hand we sort through our list of over 60+ carriers and identify those that are best able to meet or exceed your criteria for price, technology, reliability, reporting, billing, contracts terms and conditions to meet or exceed your requirements. Throughout the process we act as your advocate to secure the best solution for your business. Even more significantly, Win-Win Profit Solutions has been authorized to offer “Wholesale Carrier Rates” to our clients, which means that we can strive to directly provide our brokered clients with the highest quality of communications services at the lowest possible rates.

Our Solution

When you are ready to review costs or design a network put Win / Win Profit Solutions to work for you! Save Time and Money by giving your business a single point of contact for all of your services, even if multiple bids and/or carriers are needed. Receive unbiased information and get the best deals your company qualifies for. Let us manage your RFP and get better results with less effort. We can even show you how to combine carriers that are complementary, creating Best-Of-Breed solutions which provide both Least Cost and Redundancy.

Classic Examples: Small Carriers and ISPs vs. Fortune 1000 Enterprise Accounts
Dedicated Long Distance: Carriers like Calling Card companies are able to buy wholesale Tier 1 long distance from us at sub penny rates. The average Fortune 1000 type company spends more money on long distance than a pre-paid calling card company spends, but they typically pay 200% - 400% higher prices because they buy retail rate plans from Enterprise Account Reps. WIN / Win Profit Solutions can sell our Enterprise customers the same plans that we sell to our Wholesale Carrier Clients like a Pre-Paid Lata Based Sub Penny Long Distance.

Internet Bandwidth: Internet Service providers buy large bandwidth connections from us like DS-3 (45 Meg) to GigE (1,000 Meg) connections. Our wholesale bandwidth prices go as low as $10 per meg.

Your company can do RFP’s until you are blue in the face, but by sending those RFP’s to Direct Carrier Enterprise reps you will never get the prices that we can give you by just making a few phone calls.

Why pay retail prices when you are doing wholesale volumes?

The Bottom Line
We use our knowledge and experience in the telecom industry to give your company advice you can trust. As your telecom advocate we work for you and we shop multiple carriers to ensure your requirements are exceeded. It is our goal to build long-term relationships and become your one-stop telecom resource we firmly believe, “When both parties Win, you have the basis for a long term relationship”
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are we resellers of communication services?
  2. Why use an agent vs. a direct sales rep from a carrier?
  3. Why use WIN / WIN PROFIT SOLUTIONS vs. Independent Agents?
  4. Why are your prices often less than quotes I received in the past from direct sales reps?

Are we resellers of communication services?
NO! We are agents representing carriers directly, similar to an insurance brokerage, but for Telecom services. Your service, billing and customer service will be provided directly by the carrier you choose. You will also have one of our agents as a contact to answer questions and help you communicate with the carriers.

Why use an agent vs. a direct sales rep from a carrier?
Our agents have more experience than most direct sales reps and want to develop a long-term relationship with your company. We provide the benefit of our experience and unbiased information. A direct rep is paid one time to sign your account then moves on to the next company. Carriers have high turnover in this position. If your rep is still there six months after you sign up they will have no incentive to work with you. As agents we are paid a residual on your account over time, not an up front payment like a direct rep. We will be there for the long term.

Why use WIN / WIN PROFIT SOLUTIONS vs. Independent Agents?
Many agents work independently or for small companies representing only a few carriers. We have the size and scope to provide your company service from many providers, negotiate the best deals for you and manage your account now and in the future.

Why are your prices often less than quotes I received in the past from direct sales reps?

Direct reps represent the carriers they work for, not the customer. They are incented to sell the highest rate you will buy to maximize the pay they receive for your account. We do our best to represent the customer not the carrier. We are incented to keep you as a customer for the long term. We accomplish this by showing your company the best and most updated plans on an ongoing basis. It is our goal to keep your account forever!
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